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2018年雅思口语part1话题预测配答案:Boat(船) 变题不慌!

当当当当,2018年最新的雅思口语题目预测,并配上最火热的口语高分答案。虽然常常受到冷待,但是在雅思考官的心目中,part1可是意义重大哟, 本文话题:Boat(船),共9个题目配范文!注意题目之间的

当当当当,2018年最新的雅思口语题目预测,并配上最火热的口语高分答案。虽然常常受到冷待,但是在雅思考官的心目中,part1可是意义重大哟, 本文话题:Boat(船),共9个题目配范文!注意题目之间的答案是相对独立的。烤鸭,加油!

1. Do you like going boating?
For sure I like it. as it is a beautiful and enjoyable way to see some city or area or just enjoy the scenery that passes by.
版本二:Absolutely, I am a big fan of boating which is a great outdoor sport. Being out in the fresh air and sunshine boosts your mood and contributes to youroverall fitness. More importantly, as soon as you step off the dock, you have an unbridled sense of freedom.
2. Have you ever travelled by boat?
Oh, dozen times, I guess. Boating is perfect way for me to unwind and reconnect in the natural environment. So, yeah, I always try to go on a boat trip while traveling near the water.
3. Would you like to have your own boat?
Oh yeah, I would do it with pleasure. I think it is an excellent investment and also a great fun and one of the best way to draw a family together.
版本二:Yes, definitely! I've been longing for a cruise tour for ages since I watched the film Titanic, it looked so cool and luxurious to be on a ship with restaurants, bars and everything on it. Also, you can enjoy the gorgeous sunset on the sea, so I think cruising is the best way to travel as long as the ship doesn't crash with an iceberg like what happened in the film.
版本三:No, not really. I get seasick easily, so staying on a boat for too long is absolutely not a good idea for me. I still remember that I had a 30-minute boat tour when I was travelling on LIJIANG river and kept throwing up for 10 minutes afterwards, it was a nightmare.
4. Is boat trip popular in your country?
No, not really, because China’s railway system is so advanced that most people under most circumstances will chose it over boat travel. but the sightseeing by boat on Changjiang river is a fun journey for many.
5. Do you often travel by boat?
first of all, travel有两种意思,出行和旅游,那么我们都在什么时候会坐船出行呢?试想住在意大利的威尼斯(Venice)或者云南水乡(watery place/region)的同学的日常出行除了坐船可能也并没有其他选择(other choices/alternatives),船是不可或缺(indispensable)的交通方式。这道题给肯定回答的话同学们要注意,千万不要说完自己的家乡is just like Venice之后就so, you know~~~考官可能会直接给你一个"NO I DON'T"(不要问老师是怎么知道的,都是泪)我们的答题原则是话一定要讲清楚!讲清楚!讲清楚!(重要的话说三遍)后面依然需要解释一个watery place就是一切城市设施(facilities)都建在水上(above water)而不同于普通的城市,并没有所谓的"路"(there are no so-called "roads"),这样才算讲清楚了。
那么相信更多的同学可能都不会把船当成日常出行的主要交通工具(means of transport)吧,所以先要强调出行目的是旅行,可以用到go on a long journey(进行一次长途旅行)或者go on a trip(没有强调长途的旅行)这些表达。而在旅行途中我们需要坐船的场合(occasion)也无非是在游览景区的水域(go sightseeing on a lake/down the streams,)时,其他时候选择搭乘飞机或火车(take a plane/train)会帮我们节省掉很多时间(save somebody a lot of time)。
版本一:Actually I would say yes, taking a boat is like the indispensable transport in my daily life, because I live in a watery place in the south-west of China, which is just like the Venice. We go everywhere by boat since the all the houses and facilities are built above water, there are no so-called "roads". So speaking of travelling to another place, I don't really have any alternative but taking a boat.
版本二:Not really, mostly when I go on long journeys, apparently it saves me more time to travel by plane or train. When I need to go somewhere nearby my location, I prefer to drive there or take a bus. Actually I can't think of any occasion when taking a boat could be a preferable mean of transport, unless you want to go sightseeing around a lake or down the streams etc., which does not happen on most of my trips.
6. Where in your country do people most often use/travel by boats?
比较常规的思路当然是沿海地区(coastal areas)的人们更有机会(have more chances/opportunities)乘船出行,普通市民可以出海游玩(have a boat tour on the sea),宏观来讲,船只对于城市的作用自然是港口(habour)运输,"通过船来运输"可以直接用动词ship来表达,货物大家都知道是goods,"在港口之间"介词用between/from/to都是可以的。在一些沿海大城市很多人都有自己的游艇(yacht),而且港口对于进出口(import/export goods)也是至关重要的(important/significant/indispensable)。注意import跟export都是及物动词,后面一定要跟名词,不能什么都不跟。如果不想重复goods的话跟一个things/stuff也是可以的。
Perhaps people who live in coastal cities have more chances to travel by boats. Obviously, it's easier for them to have a boat tour on the sea or ship goods from/to other habours. For instance, in my hometown, a lot of people even have their own yachts. Plus, there are quite a few habours which are significant means of importing and exporting stuff.
There're lots of watery places in the south-west of China, which are just like the Venice. For people there, taking a boat is like the indispensable transport in their daily lives. They go everywhere by boat since the all the houses and facilities are built above water, there are no so-called "roads". So speaking of travelling to another place, they don't really have any alternative but taking a boat.
7. Do many people in your country own their own boat?
买不买自己的船取决于两个方面:需不需要(whether it's necessary)以及买不买得起(whether they can afford it)。很明显在中国大部分人(most people, the majority of people)并不需要,因为大部分人住在内陆(the inner part of the mainland)。即使是对于住在沿海城市(coastal cities)的人来说,出海的频率(frequency)也不会高到需要买一艘自己的船(private boat)。只有壕(well off/fortunate/wealthy/rich people)才买得起(afford)船,而且正常也都是小游艇(yacht)。(家里有游轮(cruise)的请联系我。)
I wouldn't say so. The majority of people in my country live in the inner part of the mainland, so they don't need a boat most of the time. Even for the people who live in coastal places, it's not necessary to own a private boat because they don't need it that often. For my knowledge, only a few well off people can afford their own yachts for entertainment.
版本二:For people in the south of China, many of them own fishing boats ‘cause like I said, they catch fish to make a living.And at some tourist spots near the ocean, local people tend to buy speedboats and they would rent them to tourists, but in my hometown or other cities in the north, people seldom buy boats ‘cause it’s just not necessary.
8. Would you like to buy a boat?
No, I don’t think so, ‘cause first of all, I have no place to put it, besides, like I said, I don’t like to go boating ‘cause it gives me seasickness. So having a boat is just a waste of money for me.
9. If you had your own boat, what would you do with it?
Um… I would probably just rent it to someone else, ‘cause it’s no use to me, and it would take up so much space. If I rent it to others, I could at least make some money from it.





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